Craig Douglin

Head Boxing Instructor & Striking Coach



Martial arts gym Bexhill, Up-grade Martial Arts instructor Craig.


A former Division 1 National League basketball player, Craig is no stranger to knowing what it takes to succeed at a high level. Craig took up boxing 8 years ago, initially to improve his fitness for the basketball court during the off-season...and he has never looked back!

Since starting his martial arts journey, Craig has amassed a winning record competing in over 30 fights. He has fought across various different disciplines including freestyle kickboxing, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and K1, and has competed in some of the most prestigious venues all across the country.

In 2014 Craig was selected to represent his country and compete at the Kickboxing World Championship in Italy. He has won titles across both boxing and kickboxing, having secured the IKF and WKA British Kickboxing Titles and the UKBC Southern Area Boxing Title. In 2019 Craig was honoured with the distinction of being inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

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7.30-9.00 - Adult mixed Kickboxing


5:00-6:00 - Kids Kickboxing

6:15-7:15 - Kids Kickboxing

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6:30-7:30 - Female Only Kickboxing (ages 13+)

7:30-9:00 - Adult mixed Kickboxing


5:00-6:00 Kids Kickboxing

6:15-7:15-Kids Kickboxing

7:15-8:15 Yoga 


5:00-6:00- Kids kickboxing

6:15-7:15- Kids Kickboxing

7:00-8:00 Cadets Kickboxing (ages 13-17)

8:00-9:15- Adult Boxing




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