All of our coaches boast years of experience and are certified teachers. Learn more about their individual stories and experiences here.


Daniel Barfoot

Daniel is a qualified teacher, counsellor and sports coach with 2nd degree black belt in kickboxing.  more  

Sarah Barfoot

A 2nd degree black belt and full contact kickboxing fighter, Sarah is both a youth and adult coach for kickboxing and fitness classes at Up-Grade.  more  

Craig Douglin

A former Division 1 National League basketball player, Craig is no stranger to knowing what it takes to succeed at a high level.   more  

Jessica Fleischer

Jess is the current 2 x WRSA English Kickboxing Champion across two different weight classes, and is top of the pile when it comes to the domestic kickboxing scene.  more  

Steve Martin

A second degree blackbelt, national champion and coach.  more  

Simon Medhurst

A first degree black belt, and multi-belt holding champion.  more  


Each of our cadet instructors are shining examples of what it takes to be successful and offer a diverse approach to coaching in all of our kids’ classes.  more